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St Joseph’s School - Abu Dhabi

“Save the Mother Earth who Gave Us Birth” VERTE CLUB 2015-2016

The official environment club of St. Joseph’s School is known as “VERTE”
Over the years, VERTE has excelled to become one of the best scholastic environment clubs in Abu Dhabi. Selected students and some teachers are members of this executive body. These selected students are designated specific positions like recycling members and this club leads the whole school in its initiative – to save our environment. It spreads awareness within school and the society about the significance of sustainable development. For this purpose we organize various activities and competitions in our school, cooperate with environmental agencies working in the UAE and also actively participate in various environmental campaigns.
Sr. Shelja Over All
Sr. Suneeti Over All
Tr. B.R. Sumam Green Audit
Tr. Sripriya G. Green Audit
Tr. Reena Ali Eco Club/Healthy Food
Tr. Diana Chalich Eco Club/Healthy Food
Tr. Saramma George Eco Club/Healthy Food
Tr. Shanthi Field Trip
Tr. Sajitha S. Field Trip
Tr. Seema A. Training of Teachers
Tr. Sonia Thomas Training of Teachers
Tr. Daphne Simon    Training of Teachers
Tr. Julie Kurian   Media
Secretary Aneeta Rose Mathew (10 A)
Assistant Secretary Neha Malcom (10 B)
Head Treasurer Ninon Victoria Nelson (12 C)
Treasurer Sophia Mary Mathew (10 B)
 Treasurer Shriya Anuncia Sivakumar (10 A)
Head Recycling Officer – Sandra George P(11 A)
Recycling Officer Reneeta Anna Cheriyan (9 A)
Recycling Officer Namitha Mariyam Moncy (10 B)
Recycling Officer Anjana Abi Jose (10 C)
Recycling Officer Cimal Amina Najeeb (9 D)
Recycling Officer Kruthi Chetan Kumar Parekh (8 D)
Recycling Officer Swathi Ramesh Shanmugam  (8 C)
Recycling Officer Stini Steephan Chungan Ouseph  ( 8 A)
Recycling Officer Tinu Varghese Thomas  (10 C)
Recycling Officer Elisha Megan Rodrigues (9 B)
Recycling Officer Sridevi Kumar Suresh Kumar (9 B)
Head Media Co-Ordinator-Stephani Morris Shibu (12 A)
Media Co-Ordinator Rania Dos Anjos Fernandes (11 A)
Media Co-Ordinator Divya Jaikishen Sherwani (10 C)
Media Co-Ordinator Anu Augustine Valloran (9 A)
Media Co-Ordinator Riya Shaju Mathai (9 C)
Media Co-Ordinator Simrat Kaur Jaspal Singh (8 D)
Media Co-Ordinator Clare Leona R (8 D)
Media Co-Ordinator Sruthi Ambreth Suresh (10 C)
Media Co-Ordinator Akshaya Elsa Pius (8 B)
Media Co-Ordinator Samita Maria Walter (9 C)
Media Co-Ordinator Joanne Joseph Dias  (8 A)
Head Art Co-Ordiantor -Anna Alphonsa(12 A)
Art Co-Ordinator Maria Rojo Jose(9 A)
Art Co-Ordinator Rachael Babu Thachil (8 A)
Art Co-Ordinator Kezia Sharon Augustine (9 D)
Art Co-Ordinator Shivali Venkatarajan (10 C)
Art Co-Ordinator Sherin John V (9 C)
Art Co-Ordinator Juby Thomas George (9 A)
Art Co-Ordinator Tansin Shanavas  (9 C)
Art Co-Ordinator Prashasthi Thathira  (8 C)
Art Co-Ordinator Miya Rose Simon (9 B)
Art Co-Ordinator Ansa Anil George (9 C)
Art Co-Ordinator Sharon Rose Antony (12 B)
Head Event Co-Ordinator-Evlin Bosco K (11 A)
Event Co-Ordinator Niveditha Vijayan P (10 C)
Event Co-Ordinator Merlin Elizabeth Jimmy (9 C) 
Event Co-Ordinator Kate Sunny  (9 B)
Event Co-Ordinator Sharen Maria Raj (12 B)
Event Co-Ordinator Ashkey Elizabeth Bince (9 B)
Event Co-Ordinator Sonika Rajesh Pillai (8 B)
Event Co-Ordinator Johvana John Kariyil  (12 A)
Event Co-Ordinator Anna Rose Biju (9 C)
Event Co-Ordinator Ananya Manivannan Velusamy (9 D)
Event Co-Ordinator Rachael Suzanne Ninan  (9 C)
Event Co-Ordinator Diya Dhandapani Shanmugam (9 A)
Beautiful rivers and great mountains
Green valleys and the sea
Wonderful skies of nature
Air full of splendor and love
God created everything to keep us
Happy and healthy.

We all stand together and say
Earth is our own home.

We shall adopt solutions
To prevent species extinction.
We shall go green and green
To keep the world splendid.

We don’t want polluted air.
We are scared of acid rain.

We shall stand together and fight
For a brand new world.

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