To inculcate a sense of loyalty, team spirit and healthy competition, students from Std 1 to 12 are divided into 4 houses. The house colours are Blue, Red, Green and Yellow. They are represented with flowers that are chosen to match with their colours and for their singular and individual characteristics. Each house is governed by a motto; the values one has to adhere to and follow, to make life a momentous one. BLUEBELL: The bluebells grown wild in clusters, are origins of Scotland. There are more that 200 species of bluebells, each with some variation; which is aptly symbolic of the variants and yet the oneness of the team members. Their motto, ‘Through cooperation, to success’ states clearly that hard work and cooperation are the keywords to achieving dreams and goals. ROSE: The red rose is ever epitomized for love, passion and zeal. Their motto which reads, ‘To serve and not to be served’ proves that zeal and passion for service to others; and love that brings forth willingness to care and to serve. SHAMROCK:The green shamrocks are unique kind. The green flowers with green petals were chosen by Ireland’s patron saint as the symbol of the trinity of the Christian church. Our shamrocks follow the motto ‘Forward we go and never backward’. They believe that success comes through determination and courage. SUNFLOWER: The yellow flowers are well known for following the movement of the sun. Their numerous yellow florets around the circular ‘head’ resemble the sun too! The motto of the Sunflower ‘Live for others and not for yourself’ speaks of selflessness and concern for one another, an excellent virtue to live by!

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