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In our increasingly competitive world, university education gives students a wider choice and better career prospects. St joseph schools prepare students for university and a future of continuous learning. Through the St joseph school Educational System, students develop a solid foundation of knowledge.They are motivated to strive for academic and personal excellence, and thereby become better geared to meet the challenges of a changing world.

St. Joseph's School, founded in 1967, is conducted by the Carmelite Sisters of St. Teresa under the management and patronage of the Vicar Apostolic of Arabia. The aim of the school is to promote a cosmopolitan atmosphere, to train children of all denominations, providing for them a liberal education. The School Building is situated in a campus area of 400 x 400 The main building consists of 49 class rooms, 4 well equipped Laboratories, optional rooms, a well equipped Library.....

St Joseph’s School - Abu Dhabi
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St Joseph’s School - Abu Dhabi