• Assessment strategy –I and Assessment strategy – II for grades I – X is followed.
  • The average of the assessments is considered for final promotion.
  • Absence from assessments is strictly discouraged and will not be considered without a genuine reason.
  • All major assessment answer sheets will have to be duly signed by the parent.
  • Promotion to higher classes is decided on the basis of the marks of the assessments of the whole year and assessment of regular work and class work and home work.
  • Cheating, helping another student or including in any other malpractice in an examination disqualifies the student for the whole examination.
  • Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) is followed in classes I to X and feedback is provided regularly to the parents.
  • The profile of the students are in the prescribed format of the achievement record. The absolute marks will be translated into grades in academic assessments.
  • Scholastic and co-scholastic aspects of students are assessed and recorded in the achievements rewards.
  • Formative Assessments carry 40% weightage and Summative Assessments at the end of each term carry 60% weightage of marks.
  • If a holiday is declared on the scheduled Summative Assessments day, the same will be conducted after the last day of the Assessment.
  • Absence of students and non-attendance of parents on ‘Open House Day’ will result in the Report being retained till a future date which will be intimated to parents.
  • School calendar must be brought to school every day, failing which, strict action will be taken.

For Class XI and XII:

  • The academic year is divided into two terms. In the first term there is a Pre –semester examination of 50 marks, each of 1 hour duration and First Semester examinations of 100 marks of three hours duration.
  • In the Second term
    • For Grade XI – There will be a Pre -board and  Final examination of hundred marks of three hours duration.
    • For Grade XII – There are 2 pre-board practice examinations of hundred marks of three hours duration .
  • The First Semester and Final Examinations are mandatory.
  • No retest will be conducted under any circumstances.
  • Average marks may be awarded to a student under the following conditions:
    • Medical unfitness and advised bed rest by a registered medical practitioner.
    • Death of an immediate family member.
    • Authorized representation of school in a competition.

Norms of Promotion:

Weightage of Various Tests and Examinations for Promotion is as Follows:
  • Grades – I to III: Grant of Promotion will be based on continuous assessments. A child must secure a minimum of (D) grade in each subject in the final round for promotion to the next higher class.
  • Grade – IV – X


  1. In the place of marks, grades are given.
  2. Frequency of formative assessment is weekly and Summative Assessment is of term and exam.
  3. Promotion is granted on the basis of the final result. A child must secure a minimum of (D) grade in aggregate as well as in each subject for promotion to the next higher class.
  4. Grade XI and XII: Calculation of Marks for I TERM and II TERM
  5. XI Grade student must secure a minimum of (D) grade in aggregate as well as in each subject in the final result for the promotion to the next higher class.
  6. Promotion criteria for low achievers on medical grounds / participation at the international/ national level competitions etc. will be decided by the Principal.

Grading criteria:

Promotion is based on the day -to-day work of the student throughout the year and also on the performance in the summative assessment.

Full Attendance Certificate:

Students attending the school from the first day of the academic session to the last day of the Summative without a single day of absence (or Annual Examinations) will be eligible for the Full Attendance certificate.

General Proficiency:

Students who get the highest score in all the core subjects are awarded, for all the sections in all the grades.